Blue Grouse Estate Winery

2182 Lakeside Road

Blue Grouse Estate Winery
2182 Lakeside Road, Duncan  V9L 6M3

The Blue Grouse Estate Winery is a sustainably farmed winery in the Cowichan Valley and one of the valley’s oldest vineyards. Their philosophy is “stewardship”. They aim to make everything they touch better than it was when they found it. They apply this to training their team on the environment that hosts the vineyard and home, the vines they grow, the wines they make, the infrastructure that supports the winery and vineyard, and the economics of their business model – everything.

Island Taste Trail Feature

Lunch for Two
Local Charcuterie

Paired with: a 5-glass tasting of Blue Grouse wines

Feature Price: $50.00 + tax

Wednesday to Sunday | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday and Tuesday | Closed