Plantitude Kind Food

Plantitude 431 1st Avenue, Ladysmith¬† V9G 1A9 At Plantitude, all of their menu items are 100% plant-based. Cheeses, sauces, dips and all proteins are lovingly made from nuts, legumes, coconuts as well as plant and grain ingredients. No dairy, eggs, meat, poultry, fish or honey are… Read More

Old Town Bakery

Old Town Bakery 510 1st Ave, Ladysmith¬† V9G 1A4 The Old Town Bakery is known for the "Island's Best Cinnamon Buns". They take this seriously: creating every batch with care, and often overnight by their dedicated team. Each step is carefully completed, the first as wonderful… Read More

Wild Poppy Market

Wild Poppy Market 541 1st Ave, Ladysmith¬† V9G 1A1 Formerly Wild Poppy Bistro, the newly re-opened Wild Poppy Market offers thoughtfully delicious gluten free grab & go meals, baked goods, and drinks. The market is stocked with a variety of local retail food products & gluten free… Read More